Lending Club Portfolio

In my search for a solid alternative investment I came upon Lending Club and Peer to Peer lending in late 2014. So far it has been a great performer and a steady source of compounding interest. I’ll be keeping this page updated with its performance along with my portfolio composition.


Date Total Interest Earned % Return Late Notes Charged Off
November 2016 $3,039.54 $310.54 7.89% $65 $46



I began investing in Lending Club in December 2014 and aside from a few smaller injections of cash I’ve been investing only $100 a month and reinvesting all of the gains. Instead of back dating all of the information I will start with today’s date and track going forward as the past has already been a success.

% Return is calculated with Late Notes and Charged Off Notes assumed to be total losses. Late Notes may be paid before being Charged Off and some funds may be recovered after a Note is Charged Off.


My Note allocation is on the less aggressive side with 50% allocated to “B” grade Notes, 25% allocated to “C” grade notes, and 5% allocated to each other grade. “G” grade notes that fall into my requirements are much harder to find. All of my Notes are $25 issues. I use the Automated Investing tool to issue my Notes and that works perfectly.