About The Ferret

fer·ret –

  • (ferret something out)
    search tenaciously for and find something:
    “he had the ability to ferret out the facts”
 Welcome to The Gray Ferret where I hunt down the facts on money, investing, and retirement

I grew up in a middle class family in a small rural town. After high school I joined the US Air force to be a computer technician. In 2007 I separated from the service and entered the civilian job market working on computer systems. I also started my first investments outside of a 401k. I’ve always known that I wanted to retire early and loved the idea of interest and dividends.

Once I started investing I found myself pouring over data and articles and learning more and more. In 2014 I started my first blog regarding money management and investing. Everyone promptly ignored it. I’ve started this site with the goal of writing down both what I have learned and experienced so I can share it with others. I will also be reporting on my own progress towards retirement which is my main goal.